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Dedicated to Dad's and their Children 

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Passion Makes Perfect

Now in the 10th year, Dad's Choice Awards 2022 is set to be bigger and better than ever. We’ve spent the last few months recruiting even more Super Dad Testers who are raring to go. Each year they put the latest toys, puzzles, games and apps through their paces.  Our Dad’s Choice super testers are a passionate bunch who love trying out the latest toys, it’s their mission to find out what makes a fantastic toy. Their hands on testing is unlike any other review, each year they spend weeks putting the entries through their paces. It’s entirely up to our fabulous Dad’s Choice testers which toys make the cut. Only those that meet the critical standards of the Dad testers and their children will win a coveted award. Every entry will be matched to a Dad’s Choice tester with children of the right age. The samples sent out to the super testers are evaluated on their creativity, fun factor, value for money and whether they live up to the hype on the box!

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