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Dad's Choice Awards Winners

Dad’s Choice Awards are delighted to announce their Top Winners, for 2023. Each of these winning products grabbed the attention of the testers and was deemed worthy of the highest award.

Crazy Cart Shuffle - £119.00

Drive, drift, and spin with ease without any batteries to charge or maintain. Kid-powered means the Crazy Cart Shuffle is always ready for endless, noiseless, active fun! And it’s been intentionally designed to be simple to use and enjoyable from the very first ride.

Age 4+

Gel Blaster Surge - £59.95

Gel Blaster takes you to the next level in awesome outdoor fun with the exciting new Gel Blaster SURGE. Adrenalin filled, competitive play doesn’t need to be messy! The Gel Blaster SURGE is a fun filled blaster with barely any mess or clean up. Unbox your Gel Blaster and get blasting! The rechargeable Gel Blaster SURGE shoots water based beads or “Gellets” that burst on impact. This innovative blaster is ready to blast straight out of the box – fully charged with a hopper full of hydrated Gellets. Think airsoft but with no pain, stain or clean up, bring the battle to the garden, park or anywhere else you can think of. Gel Blasters water based Gellets are eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-irritating and burst on contact. All you need to do is soak them in water for 2+ hours and watch your ammo grow!

Age 14+

Build Your Own Dragon - £9.99

Step into a fantasy fairy tale with Build Your Own’s new Dragon kit. Perfect for the junior builder, imaginations can roam free as little ones bring their friendly dragon to life. The cute moving head action, vibrant purple body, and contrasting brightly coloured jellybean detail create a whimsical, magical creature. Your beautifully bold dragon comes complete with a mix of jellybeans, magic bean wand, a miniature snail friend and more for a fun-filled, imaginary play experience. Plus, a cute trinket chest for you to safely store your treasured items. Find the secret hidden heart as you build and make a special wish. There's also a ready-to-colour dragon picture inside the packaging for creative young artists to enjoy. Colour it in, then proudly display your masterpiece.

Easy to assemble using slot together techniques – there’s no glue, no mess, no fuss. Everything you need is provided in the kit – follow the simple instructions: press out the pre-cut parts, build, and play.

Age 4+

Super Mario Rally Tennis - £29.99

In this action-packed tabletop tennis rally game, players must slide their characters left and right to receive the ball and hit the button at the right time to serve and return! The scoreboard helps you keep track of the match in true tennis style so you can see who will become the Rally Tennis champion! The game comes with collectible Mario and Luigi figures that can be used interchangeably with other Super Mario games that are part of the Epoch Games Link System. No batteries required.

Age 5+

Real FX Jurassic Park T-Rex - £79.99

A movie-scale 'life size' baby dinosaur, she has a built-in RealFX pistol grip controller mechanism concealed by an authentic Rangers faux leather handling glove! The controller allows you to bring her to life in multiple ways. No one will know how she has come to life, but they will believe she has!

T.REX is a true icon that helped the Jurassic Park movie set new records for a movie theatrical release 30 years ago! T.Rex is probably the most famous and dangerous dinosaur to have walked the earth many millions of years ago.

Age 8+

WellyWeight - £29.99

The ‘WellyWeight’ is the first light up children’s swimming dive toy which is fun and educational. It encourages children to get their faces in the water to improve water confidence and have FUN! The WellyWeight re-invents the dive and retrieve pool game.

Age 5+

Plus-Plus BIG Travel Case - £18.99

Plus-Plus is a unique design of one shape and lots of different colours. From a single repeated element, you can interlock the pieces to create anything that you can think of, both in 2D and 3D.

Perfect for little ones to start making their first builds, you can take the BIG travel case with you wherever you go. The handy carrier contains 15 colourful pieces, comes in a lovely bright yellow colour and has a durable fabric exterior that protects it from getting dirty. Plus-Plus is a perfect STEM educational toy that encourages fine motor skills, creativity, focus and patience. Clean in the dishwasher or washing machine. BPA and phthalate free and 100% recyclable

Age 5+

Barbie Mermaid – UV Colour Changing Dress - £18.99

Make playtime enchanting with Rubies Barbie UV Colour Change Mermaid Costume! This costume is perfect for any little girl who loves mermaids and wants to add some magic to their dress-up collection. The costume features a beautiful pink and blue mermaid dress with a UV colour change effect, which changes colour when exposed to sunlight. It's perfect for imaginative play, dress-up parties, or just a fun day of pretending to be a mermaid.

Age 5-8 years

Biggies - £19.99

Introducing Biggies! The first-of-its-kind SUPER-SIZE inflatable mega plush! Pump it up and see it explode out of the packaging! The brand new, never seen before toy, features a unique ‘pump-it-up-plush’ action to reveal an animal 10 times its size in the box. Simply peel off the sticker on the side of the box to reveal a foot pump. Start pumping and watch as the plush gets bigger and bigger, the sides of the box start to bulge until eventually, POP, your perfectly huggable plush explodes out of the packaging. Which cool animal will you get – the unicorn, dragon, rabbit or dog? The best bit - the packaging is reusable so you can deflate your Biggie when you want to store it, pop it back into the packaging and recreate the exciting experience over and over again!

Age 3+

SUSSED Wild Green - £9.99

What DON’T you know about each other? Find out in this road trip friendly ‘would you rather’ card game! Build your child’s social skills talking about everything from dinosaurs to rainforests and volcanoes! With 250 questions and 4 games for 2-8 people, playing SUSSED Wild Green means using decision making, empathy and self-awareness to figure out which answer everyone has chosen. For conversation starters that are full of laughter and surprises, look no further!

Age 8+

Mini to Grow Light Up 4in1 Micro Trike Scooter - £117.95

As the inventors of the original Micro scooter and the revolutionaries of the school run, we have over 20 years of experience designing, engineering and building scooters that are built to last. All

our know-how has been poured into the all-NEW 4in1 Mini 2 Grow Scooter. An innovation in toddler travel. A multi-adaptable ride-on, trike, toddler scooter and grown-up scooter. Perfectly attuned to suit each stage of your child’s development. One product to last your child from their first steps to their first year at school. The 4in1 Mini 2 Grow Scooter has been designed to survive years of years. To withstand thousands of adventures. To be the perfect accompaniment as your child grows from ages 1 to age

L.O.L Surprise! Magic Flyers - £36.99

fans will be able to add a flying L.O.L. Surprise! tot to their collection for the first time ever! Taking the brand to new heights, the new L.O.L. Surprise! Magic Flyer dolls™ are perfect for girls and boys aged 6+ and are set to be at the top of every child’s Christmas wishlist this year. Fans will be able to choose from 3 new characters, Sky Starling, Flutter Star and Sweetie Fly, each with dazzling fashion and glittery wings and, packaged inside their Magic Bottle. Simply tap the bottle 3 times to activate, watch as the Magic Flyer bottle shakes and LED lights flash before the Magic Flyer Tot bursts out of their bottle and takes flight into the air. This doll flies with hand guidance and is rechargeable via USB so can be enjoyed repeatedly.

Age 4+

L.O.L Surprise! Swap Tots - £9.99

L.O.L. Surprise! Surprise Swap Tots!™ , feature an all new innovative unboxing experience with 8 new characters to collect and many surprises to discover. Each doll comes with 2 unique looks to swap n’ style, 2 interchangeable facial expressions and 2 outfits – there is endless amounts of fun to be had! Use water to reveal your tot’s alternate expression, then simply snap into place for an all-new look! Will you find Hero Honey, a student by day who swaps into her cape to save the day? Or will you find Rockin’ Cutie, who swaps from her casual look into her rockstar makeup and fashions to hit the stage in style!

Age 4+

HUE Animation Studio - £49.95

HUE Animation Studio for Windows and macOS is a Authenticated™, stop motion animation and time-lapse kit that combines imagination, excitement and movie-making technology for endless family fun! Designed by teachers for aspiring movie directors aged 7-13, the kit includes a HUE HD camera in a choice of fun colours, 64-page animation activity book, printable puppets, backgrounds, sound effects and easy-to-use animation software. Recommended by child development expert Dr. Amanda Gummer, HUE Animation Studio fosters 21st Century skills such as problem solving, creativity, curiosity, self-direction and personal expression. Whether you're making a brickfilm with lasers and explosions, reshaping reality in a claymation movie, or watching a flower bloom using time-lapse photography, you can bring any object to life in minutes with this easy-to-use kit. It’s perfect for school projects too.

Age 7-13 years

Miraculous Volkswagen E-Beetle with Fashion Doll - £59.99

The Miraculous Volkswagen E-Beetle with Fashion Doll is an official replica of the Ladybug’s VW E-Beetle which makes its debut in the new feature film. Featuring leading Ladybug’s signature spots and red colour, it has a convertible roof which flips open, wing doors which open upwards and an opening boot! It comes complete with an exclusive Ladybug Fashion Doll with space for 3-5 collectible Kwami characters (sold separately).

Age 4+

Rainbow Loom Loomi-Pals Combo Pack - £19.99

The original Rainbow Loom is back and it’s better than ever! Super easy and fun this set includes 2,300 high-quality, brightly coloured, latex-free bands, 300 beads, 150 G-Clips, and new for 2023, 60 super cute Loomi-Pal charms – just add to your bracelets using the G-Clips to personalise! The set also comes with two Happy Looms for creating multiple bracelets, plus gift bags for gifting the bracelets to friends. The set comes in a handy carry case with multiple compartments for storage and organisation.

Age 8+

Sonic Prime Action Figures Collectible Pack - £4.99

With 16 different Sonic Prime figures to collect, fans will love the challenge of tracking down their favourite character from the Shatterverse. There are eight 7.5cm figures with a base to find in total, each with 4-6 points of articulation.

Age 3+

CONNETIX 120 Piece Pastel Creative Pack - £90.00

Designed to inspire hours of unlimited creativity, fun and learning through PLAY, the CONNETIX 120 Piece Pastel Creative Pack features a variety of shapes in 8 stunning, earthy pastel colours. This pack is the ideal starter option for family play, building BIGGER Connetix creations and expanding the range of colours your children recognise! Perfect for both independent and collaborative play with friends and family, the Pastel Creative Pack encourages STEAM learning and the development of fine and gross motor skills. Watch as children create bigger castles and rockets, towers, coin drops, bridges and mandalas, explore patterns and shapes, create colour sorting boxes, plus so much more. Our Pastel Creative Pack will also support the development of social-emotional skills, perseverance and resilience as children design larger scale builds, testing the limits of their imagination. As an open-ended quality toy, Connetix will grow WITH each child as they learn, and their play becomes more complex. The open-ended nature of Connetix provides a common space for intergenerational play to occur, accessible and enjoyed by all ages, encouraging connection and fun for the whole family. As there is no right or wrong way to play with Connetix, children are able to explore their imagination to create beautiful, unique designs. All Connetix magnetic tile packs are compatible with one another, so collections and play can continuously evolve as each child’s play becomes more complex. Featuring strong magnets and a unique bevel design for clearer refractions and increased durability, Connetix are made from non-toxic ABS plastic free from BPA, lead and phthalates. Safety approved to international standards, Connetix are ultrasonically welded and include metal rivets, making play safer for little hands.

Age 3+

Harry Potter 5 Second Rule Mini - £9.99

It seems like it would be easy to name 3 Hogwarts Students—but can you do it under the pressure of 5 seconds?The classic 5 Second Rule game with 180 questions all about Harry Potter and the Wizarding World! Answer questions like: Name 3 People You'd Like to Stupify, Name 3 Hogwarts Houses, Name 3 Supplies You Might Need for a Hogwarts Class, and more!

Age 8+

Pigs on Trampolines - £19.99

Make 'em fly! Race to bounce your pig off a trampoline and land it in the Mud Puddle to earn a Mud Pie! The muddiest pig at the end is the winner!

Yippeee! Jump for joy with Pigs on Trampolines! Use the trampolines to bounce your pigs into the pig pen and try to land in the mud puddle! Every pig you land in the puddle earns you a mud pie. Keep on bouncing your pigs until all the mud pies are gone—the muddiest piggy wins! 

Age 6+

Barber Shop Playset - £34.99

Cut, trim, shave, and style with pretend play shaving essentials for a trip to the barber with Melissa & Doug My First Barber Shop Playset. Style and pretend to trim a soft, wearable beard with adjustable straps. For a traditional shave, swirl squishy, textured shaving cream in a tub with a soft-bristled brush to pretend to lather up, then trim with play scissors. For a more modern shave, there’s a pump shaving cream can, trimmers that vibrate when the tab is pulled and a rolling razor for a smooth finish. Kids can check their look in the hand mirror that flips to stand as they finish with textured pomade in a tub, comb, and brush.

Age 3-6 years

Outer Space Glow in the Dark Floor Puzzle - £19.99

Piece together 48 sturdy jumbo cardboard jigsaw pieces for an experience that’s out of this world! Assemble the detailed and colourful space scene in a brightly lit room. When the puzzle is complete, turn out the lights and watch as hidden pictures and details appear in glow-in-the-dark ink! (The puzzle must first be exposed to bright light to activate the glow-in-the-dark feature.) Playing with puzzle is a great way for kids 3+ years to explore the fascinating world of outer space while developing their cognitive, physical, and emotional skills. When children work on floor puzzles, they are fine-tuning their gross motor skills, improving their hand-eye coordination, strengthening their problem-solving skills, and beginning to develop logic and critical thinking processes.

Age 3-6 years

Robo Alive Mega Dino Fossil Find - £24.99

Mega Dino Fossil Find is making the ground shake! Dig through rock, sand, and slime to find dinosaur fossils. Assemble the fossil pieces to bring your mega dinosaur skeleton to life! Which prehistoric dinosaur will you find? Discover the Tyrannosaurs or Brontosaurs and collect both of them!

Age 3+

Super-Sized Snackles - £19.99

Snackles is the super soft ultra squeezable plush that comes paired with your favourite mini brands made squishy! Satisfy your craving for cuddles with this cuddly 14 inch plush! Each Snackle comes with an origin story comic to tell you how your Snackle fell in love with its snack. Don’t go hungry, there's 6 Super-Sized Snackles to collect! Will you find the Tabasco Dragon or the Chicken with Pringles? Hunt for your favourite tasty pairing with Snackles!

Age 3+

X-Shot Insanity Motorized Rage Fire (72 Darts) - £49.99

The X-Shot Insanity Motorized Rage Fire is the biggest and most insane blaster in the Insanity Range! The Motorized Rage Fire is so BIG it comes equipped with a tripod. Load up its 40 dart auto feeding belt to take out multiple targets from up to 27m / 90 feet away in seconds! Plus, it comes with an insane amount of accessories and dart storage to hold an additional 46 darts to keep you locked and loaded in battle. X-Shot darts include Air Pocket Technology for a faster, further, and more accurate blast. Combine the Motorized Rage Fire with other Insanity blasters to make the most insane blaster!

Age 8+

Paint Pop Paint Sticks range - £4.99

Paint Pop Paint Sticks offer the perfect introduction to painting and doodling. These bright, colourful, chunky paint sticks are easy for little hands to hold and create no mess! The smooth, glide-on paint works without needing water or brushes. Twist the stick and you’re ready to paint on a wide range of surfaces. Available in convenient storage tubs, including the 20 Pack Fun Tub and the 30 Pack Giant Tube, as well as 6-packs, 12-packs and 24-packs.

Age 3+

Machine Works Robotic Arm Kit - £34.99

Robotic arm, wireless controlled can rotate, grab objects, and even move them! This kit contains 175 parts and step-by-step fully illustrated instructions to help build this impressive working model. This stem robot has an extensive range of motion through all pivot points. Five motors power five joints for optimal control, movement, and fun!

Age 10+

Smart Ball Soccer Bot - £49.99

Soccer Bot is the ULTIMATE indoor football trainer to improve quick response and ball control. Using the latest sensor technology Soccer Bot keeps track of the football and will try and tackle the ball – includes 3 different skill levels.

Age 6+

Mind Meld - £19.99

Inspired by the Hot TikTok trend with over 100m views. On the count of three, both players shout out a word. With every answer you give your minds will begin to merge. Match your answers and you will soon have your first MIND MELD!

Age 8+

Beast Lab Shark Beast Creator - £89.99

DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO SAVE THE WORLD? The world is in danger and the only way to protect it is with BEASTS! With 80+ lights and sounds, conduct an experiment using the Beast Creator to create one of TWO sharks! Which shark will be unleashed from the Beast Lab? Will it be the HAVOC HAMMERHEAD or MAYHEM MEGASHARK?As each step of the experiment proceeds, the intensity increases. Pull down on the emergency lever to drain the liquid and reveal your Beast inside! Your young scientist will be amazed as a Shark Beast appears surrounded by a cloud of real "Bio Mist"! Now it's time for WILD BATTLE ACTION! The Shark Beasts can activate a swinging Power Strike Attack using their Pandemonium Weapon and scare away enemies with their ferocious "Battle Roar" and light-up Power Crystal Core! But the mission is not over! Reset the Beast Creator and repeat the experiment again and again! The POWER to SAVE the WORLD rests in your child's hands with the Beast Lab Shark Beast Creator.

Age 5-8 years

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