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Dad's Choice Awards - Commended

X-Shot Hyper Gel HPG-700 Blaster (20,000 Hyper Gel Pellets - £39.99

It's time to get hyped up with X-Shot Hyper Gel! The X-Shot Hyper Gel HPG-700 is the largest blaster in the Hyper Gel range and can blast Hyper Gel Pellets at 200 feet per second with its motorized fully and semi automatic modes. The HGP-700 has a 700 Pellet capacity mag. This motorized Gel Blaster comes with a rechargeable battery. Stocked with 20,000 Hyper Gel Pellets and protective eyewear, just add water to start the ultimate Gel Blaster battle!

Age 14+

Smashers Dino Island T-Rex Battles - £44.99

Are you ready for a prehistoric battle? Dig your way through sand and slime to discover your dinosaur pieces before constructing your 2 battling dinos. Secure their weapons and armor for the ultimate smashing battle. Smash the mini smash eggs to discover collectible characters and place the eyeball in a dino’s mouths for roar-some lights and sounds! There are over 50 surprises to smash, build and battle with Smashers Dino Island T-Rex Battles!

Age 3+

Mini Brands Series 4 Capsules - £6.99

Mini Brands are the REAL brands that fit in your hand! There are 90+ miniatures of your favourite brands to collect, including ultra-rare frozen moments and new Mini Minis, even smaller Minis of your favourite brands, find mystery Mini Minis inside Fedex and UPS boxes for the ultimate surprise. Discover iconic brands including Campbell's, Tabasco, Post-It and so many more! Collect them all to create your own mini shopping world!

Age 3+

Race Around the World Floor Tracks Puzzle - £22.99

Piece together playtime with this global racetrack puzzle with built-in tracks for wind-up vehicles (no batteries required). The 48-piece cardboard jigsaw floor puzzle features landmarks from around the world, including Niagara Falls, Big Ben, Mt. Fuji, the Sydney Opera House, and more; a key on the storage box identifies them all. Two wind-up race cars fit into the twisting and turning track on the completed puzzle; wind them up and watch them zoom!

Age 3-6 years

My Little Pony Fuzzikins - £9.99

Introducing My Little Pony and the world of Fuzzikins from Playmonster UK. Colour and accessorise with Sunny, Izzy and Pipp. Your favourite ponies come with 3 double ended stamper pens, stickers, and accessories. Decorate with a cool look, then simply rinse and re-colour for endless creativity and new exciting designs! 3 to collect - each set comes with one pony.

Age 3+

5 Second Relay - £24.99

In classic 5 Second Rule fashion, name things as quickly as you can before time runs out! The twist?—Now you can pass it on! 5 Second Rule just got even more spontaneous and unpredictable with the all-new Relay baton! It should be easy to name pizza toppings—but can you do it under the pressure of 5 seconds counting down, after another player puts you on the spot?

List one thing in your category, then hand off the electronic baton to any other player—you decide who has to answer next!

Time’s not on your side, so just say what comes to mind and risk ridiculous answers slipping out!

For 2 or more players.

Age 8+

Shashibo - £24.99

Shashibo is a magnetic shape-shifting box that transforms into over 70 different shapes. Featuring 36 rare earth magnets, the vibrantly patterned 6cm cube fits comfortably in the hand for hours of mind-challenging fun and unlimited creative possibility. Made from recycled materials, suitable for onwards recycling, the shape-shifting box is STEAM and STEM certified. Available in four mesmerising designs.

Age 8+

BABY born Minis - £5.99

The new series of BABY born collectables sees six Mini Babies and six Sisters and Brother dolls available to discover, each with an array of interchangeable accessories and playsets – a mini world encouraging big imagination. Children can collect them, create adventures and have fun designing their own world of miniature play with the adorable BABY born Minis family. They are perfect for families on the go and the characters come with an array of personalities and interests such as funny, playful and brave, the range is set to stimulate key areas of discovery for children, including outdoor fun, motion and creativity. The BABY born Minis line also includes a collector’s sheets inside, helping children to add all characters from the range to their collection and keep track as their BABY born Minis collection grows. The brand-new collectable range opens up a world of imaginative play opportunities for children to play together every day, with eight playsets available to buy, including a Highchair, Bathtub, Deckchair, Scooter, Horse Fun Set, Working Stroller, Birthday Table and Furniture Set – with the majority of playsets coming with an exclusive doll.

Age 3+

SUSSED Amazing Purple - £9.99

What DON’T you know about each other? Find out in this fun ‘would you rather ’card game! Build your child’s social skills talking about everything from dragons to space and magic! With 250 questions and 4 games for 2-8 people, playing SUSSED Amazing Purple means using creative thinking, empathy and self-awareness to figure out which answer everyone has chosen. For conversation starters that are full of laughter and surprises, look no further! Additional Information: We’re raising awareness of the importance of social health. Social health is about maintaining healthy relationships with others. Studies show loneliness is one of the biggest under-theradar issues the world is facing and screens aren’t a substitute for building relationships with family and friends. That’s why SUSSED has been playtested as a teacher resource and aid for lesson plans. Out of 451 primary school children, 94% said they liked playing SUSSED. Out of 18 teachers, 100% said SUSSED could develop a kid’s conversation skills. SUSSED cards and boxes are made from Forest Stewardship Council certified forests that preserve biological diversity and benefit the lives of local people and workers. Plastic wrapping has been replaced by paper bands

Age 8+

C1432M Scalextric 1980s Grand Prix Race Set - £159.99

Two iconic Lotus Formula One cars of the 1980s go head-to-head in this fantastic new retro set from Scalextric! The sleek black Lotus 98T of the world-famous Ayrton Senna goes head-to-head with his amazing yellow 99T as they fight for position around the circuit, with Turbos chattering and wastegates fluttering these famous Grand Prix racers are sure to light up your circuit!

This set contains everything you need to race Scalextric, including two cars, power, over 5.3 metres of track including a lap counter, 2 easy speed limiting hand controllers and crash barriers.

Age 5+

Gummymals - £12.99

Gummymals are the most squeezable gummy bear-shaped toys. With their stretch tech patented technology, and covered in soft TPR skin, they are just the perfect toy to stretch & squish. They are fully interactive, and they include more than 20 different interactions and sounds. Their bright colours and 4 LED interactions are created to stimulate child's senses through playing. Gummymals come with a cute little coke bottle to feed them and unlock different play modes. There are four different colours available.

Age 4+

Doodle N Dip - £8.99

Unlock your inner artist with Doodle N Dip!

Draw your favourite character onto the picturepaddle, dip it into the water as you watch your latest creation float and dance before your eyes!

Age 6+

Nurse Florence®, Can I Get Lyme Disease from a Tick Bite? - £12.10

Sometimes it seems only a nurse can bring technical information down to an understanding that an ordinary person can grasp. The Nurse Florence® book series provides high quality medical information that even a child can grasp. By introducing young kids to correct terminology and science concepts at an early age, we can help increase our children’s health literacy level as well as help to prepare them for courses and jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. We need more scientists so I hope that many children will enjoy this book series and consider a job involving science.

Age 8-13 years

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